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Designed for stability test requirements

  • ESPEC stability chamber provides outstanding stability testing performance for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and personal care products.
  • Accelerated testing at a more severe storage condition than ICH guideline, 40°C ±1°C/75%rh ±1%rh is possible.
  • Frost-free refrigeration for continuous operation
  • One of remote assistance features; an alarm notification via email for faster recovery
Stability chamber
Model Temperature & humidity range Temp./humid. max-minimum range
Inside dimensions
W×H×D (mm)
CSH-112 +20 to +75°C / 50 to 90%rh ±2°C / ±5%rh W600×H700×D560
CSH-112HG ±1°C / ±5%rh
CSH-122 ±2°C / ±5%rh W750×H950×D660
CSH-122HG ±1°C / ±5%rh
CSH-132 ±2°C / ±5%rh W1100×H950×D760
CSH-132HG ±1°C / ±5%rh
Room type
CWH-20A +25 to +40°C / 60 to 75%rh ±1°C / ±5%rh W1850×H2100×D2080
CWH-30A W2750×H2100×D2080
CWH-40A W2750×H2100×D3000

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