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Management Plan

"Progressive Plan 2017" Medium-term Management Plan

To realize the fiscal 2025 consolidated financial targets in the long-term vision "ESPEC Vision 2025" (which calls for net sales of over ¥60,000 million, operating income of ¥6,000 million or more, and an operating income ratio of at least 10%), ESPEC has been implementing the medium-term management plan "Progressive Plan 2017," which is in effect from fiscal 2014 through fiscal 2017. The plan's consolidated financial targets for fiscal 2017 were net sales of over ¥40,000 million, operating income of ¥4,000 million or more, and an operating income ratio of at least 10%. However, the Company's consolidated financial targets for fiscal 2017 are now net sales of ¥44,000 million or more, operating income of ¥4,400 million or more, and an operating income ratio target of at least 10%. The current targets for net sales and operating income both exceed the corresponding targets laid out in the medium-term management plan.

October 30, 2017

Notice of Difference between Consolidated Financial Forecast Figures and Financial Results for First Half, Revision of Consolidated Full-year Financial Forecast, Resolution of Dividend of Surplus (Interim), and Revision of Year-End Dividend Forecast (PDF152KB)

The following section describes the Company's three directions for growth.

Three Directions for Growth

  1. Strengthen Group alliances to increase sales in growing countries and regions

    • In ASEAN countries, where Japanese companies are currently transferring their development and manufacturing bases, ESPEC will strengthen customer support by establishing service bases and commissioned testing centers, and will reinforce its sales bases
    • The Company will also strengthen production capacity and expand sales of ESPEC TEST EQUIPMENT (GUANGDONG) CO., LTD.
    • Furthermore, the Company will expand sales in emerging countries such as Turkey and India
  2. Expand business domains targeting growing and strategic markets

    • In the energy device market, centering on secondary batteries for automobiles, ESPEC will expand product lineups and commissioned testing services
    • In the food and drug markets, the Company will enhance products and services for pharmaceuticals, advance into the food and cosmetics field, and make further progress in the medical testing field
    • The Company will also strive to develop new domains, such as the aircraft field
  3. Take the lead in the domestic environmental testing business

    • To strengthen its competitive edge, ESPEC will offer proprietary services, such as network services, and change and expand models for standard products
    • In order to rapidly respond to the need for cutting-edge technological development, the Company will apply modules to standardize custom products and further expand its scope of support by cooperating with other companies