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Preserving biodiversity

Initiatives for preserving biodiversity

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ESPEC Green School
Training Seminar for Leaders the Creation of Forests

Training Seminars for Leaders on the Creation of Forests Since FY2011, we have been using ESPEC Forest* as a training site to hold, with the support of Kwansei Gakuin University, "ESPEC Green School, Training Seminar for Leaders to Promote the Creation of Life-Saving Forests."

This seminar, which consists of classroom lectures and practical training, is held four times a year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) and is part of the curriculum of Kwansei Gakuin University.

From fiscal 2017, we will be promoting the preservation of biodiversity through the creation of life-saving forests to an even wider audience, by opening participation in the seminars to not only Kwansei Gakuin University students but also company employees in charge of environmental conservation, NPOs, NGOs and the general public.

* ESPEC Forest: Forest grown from native seedlings originally found on the premises of Kobe R&D Center.

Photo: Idyllic terraced rice fields of KeharaIdyllic terraced rice fields of Kehara

Kehara Forest Creation Initiative

ESPEC has signed an agreement for the usage and preservation of forests with the Kehara community association in Ōe Town in Fukuchiyama City, and together we are working to preserve forests in the area through the Kehara Forest Creation Initiative. In fiscal 2016 we held a commemorative event to mark the 10th anniversary of the initiative, which was attended by around 50 people including ESPEC employees, local residents from the Kehara community association, and representatives from Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd. Over 1,000 people have taken part in the Kehara Forest Creation Initiative in the 10 years it has been running. We will continue with our preservation activities to protect the lush natural surroundings of Kehara and make its forest area even more beautiful, such as creating a walking course and adding other features.

Building Awareness for Damage Caused by Animals

In recent years, there has been a serious increase in forest damage caused by wild animals. Among other damaging activities, deer eat and destroy agricultural crops and peel off the bark from trees to eat it. Since 2013, the employee cafeteria of the Fukuchiyama Plant has offered a lunch menu that sometimes features wild venison caught locally.This initiative aims to make employees think about damage caused by wild animals as an issue that also affects them. By fiscal 2016, this particular menu was served 23 times to 753 employees.

ESPEC MIC receives the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure Green City Award, Chairman's Award

ESPEC MIC Corp and Rinno-ji Temple in Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture both received the Chairman's Award in the 36th Green City Award held by the Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure. ESPEC MIC was recognized for its efforts in working with local residents to plant more than 30,000 trees of around 50 varieties over five years from 2004. This has helped restore the lush forest surrouding the path leading to Rinno-ji Temple, which was cleared due to construction work to build a tunnel in the area.

Photo: Kamepocha floating device for capturing turtlesKamepocha floating device for capturing turtles

Kamepocha, a floating device for capturing turtles, receives the Eco Products Award Judging Committee Chairman's Special Award

At the 13th Eco Products Award held in November 2016, the ESPEC MIC Corp. floating device for capturing turtles, Kamepocha, received the Judging Committee Chairman's Special Award along with its cocreator Kame Wana Koubou Kito. Kamepocha is used to capture non-native turtle species such as the red-eared slider, which are affecting native ecosystems and damaging agricultural crops. The floating device captures turtles by taking advantage of how they like to lie on their belly and sunbathe, and also drastically reduces the time and effort to prepare the bait and other steps. These features allow the Kamepocha to be set in place and used over many hours.