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Integrated specially designed chamber and system (patent pending)

One unit with four functions
Four functions (performance test, endurance test, temperature characteristic test, and impedance evaluation (optional)) have been condensed into one compact system. One system can flexibly meet various testing needs.
Photo: Test area (stacking type)
Test area (stacking type)
High accuracy, high quality evaluation
The integrated construction of the charge-discharge controller and test area improves reliability and convenience of testing and provides space savings.
Use of card edge connectors
The power supply and battery can be connected simply by setting the battery on the battery holder that uses card edge connectors and inserting it into the slot at the rear of the inside chamber. No battery wiring is required, thereby enabling secure connection.
Uniform temperature distribution
Horizontal airflow circulates inside the test area, with the stacking type having a horizontal air outlet and the single chamber type having a rear air outlet. In addition, the design takes into consideration the battery holder position and battery arrangement, and it ensures a uniform temperature environment even when a battery is installed.
Battery holder provides simple setting
ESPEC provides battery holders to accommodate various battery shapes, including coin, cylindrical, square, and laminated batteries, and according to charge-discharge conditions.
Set the battery simply by placing it in the battery fixing area on the battery holder.
Photo: Battery holder (for cylindrical cell battery)
Battery holder (for cylindrical cell battery)
Impedance measurement (optional)
You can measure the impedance in the resting state during the charge-discharge cycle (sweep measurement/fixed point measurement). Perform continuous measurement without moving the battery for high reliable data. It can also be used as a standalone impedance measurement device.

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