Event Detector Test System

Detects instantaneous disconnections in connectors and wiring

As electronic parts become denser and higher in performance, new phenomena are now responsible for equipment failure, and slight changes in electrical characteristics are increasingly leading to problems.

One factor for failure is the instantaneous cutoff phenomenon. Instantaneous cutoff evaluation testing, which is performed on connectors, relays and other connection parts used in automotive electronic devices under rigorous vibration and thermal shock environments, is essential evaluation testing as electronic devices become increasingly mobile.

The Event Detector is a system that measures the contact failure phenomenon that occurs instantaneously due to vibration or temperature change of the connection parts when joining connectors.

This measurement system performs real-time detection of instantaneous cutoff phenomena that were previously difficult to obtain, and it measures the environment at which time the phenomena occurred. In addition, a test can be performed once for multiple samples to more accurately and efficiently analyze and evaluate instantaneous cutoffs.

  • Continuous accurate detection of instantaneous cutoff that occurs in connectors and solder joints

    This system can accurately detect the instantaneous cutoff time as fast as 100 nanoseconds and count the number of instantaneous shutoffs on one channel up to 500 times. It can also measure the instantaneous shutoff time width.

    You can choose the temperature and humidity chamber according to the module size.

    Three recording modes for obtaining the disconnection status of the sample

    (1) Continuous recording of occurring disconnection/reset event and instantaneous shutoff time width

    (2) Recording of resistance value trend (time interval can be set)

    (3) Recording of resistance value for 1 second before and after event occurs in 10 ms intervals for up to 200 times

  • Development of measurement board for detection of instantaneous shutoff

    A special measurement board enables measurement of instantaneous shutoff across five channels. The number of measurement boards can be expanded to support up to 200 channels.

  • Independent grounding to prevent high voltage electrostatic charge

    The plate on the inside of the door of the temperature and humidity chamber, the interior, and the electrical components on the transformer secondary side are each wired to the grounding terminal to prevent electrical shock accidents.

  • Set the instantaneous cutoff conditions for each board

    You can set the current applied to the sample, the threshold (resistance value) when an instantaneous cutoff is detected, and the instantaneous cutoff time for each board.

  • Instantaneous cutoff evaluation combining a vibration test system and thermal cycling test system

    You can evaluate the instantaneous cutoff count, instantaneous cutoff continuous time width, and vibration frequency at the same time.

System block diagram
Figure: System block diagram

Figure: Software

  • Record frequency, temperature, humidity data simultaneously
  • Display event occurrence status by the time axis
  • Record events for 200 channels simultaneously
  • Batch management of Windows based data
Model AES-N
Channel configuration Standard 25 channels (maximum 200 channels per rack)
Channel control 5 channel control only
Measurement control function Application current value 1 mA to 100 mA DC, Variable in 1 mA increments, Open 10 mV to 3.0 V
Instantaneous cutoff time width Setting ranges Minimum setting unit Minimum resolution
100nsec. to 1msec. 100nsec. 100nsec.
Instantaneous cutoff detection level 10mΩ to 2000Ω
Voltage measurement range 0 to 2.5 V, 5 channels (for monitoring temperature, humidity, and vibration test system)
Data recording Instantaneous cutoff count Counts up to 500 times per channel
Instantaneous cutoff time width Calculate the time width of continued instantaneous cutoff from the instantaneous cutoff start and end times
Outside dimensions Cabinet: 570 (W) × 1582 (H) × 800 (D) mm

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