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Capacitor Leakage Test System

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Detailed Specifications
Number of channels Standard 500 channels, and can be expanded to a maximum 1000 channels
Software Operating system Windows 7
Instrumentation control Stress voltage application range 1.0 to 100 V DC (can be changed in 0.1 V increments up to 50 V and 1 V increments above 50 V)
Power supply capacity 100 V, 3 A (1 power supply mounted per 100 channels), in series with a condenser per channel
When a protective resistor 10 kΩ is connected
Resistance measurement range 10kΩ to 100MΩ (at DC1V to 100V)
Measurement speed 3 sec. or less per channel (varies depending on condenser capacity)
Test condition setting unit Units of 25 channels. Select test channel in 1-channel units. Applied voltage is in units of 100 channels.
Control unit 500 channels
Fault determination standard
(4 types)
1. Insulation resistance limit 1 (insulation resistance value, test stop), 2. Insulation resistance limit 2 (insulation resistance value, failure display only), 3. Change value limit (change value from initial value, test stop), 4. Change rate limit (change rate from initial value, test stop); Test stop is only for the channel where the failure occurred.
Test condition setting unit 1. Cancel: Cancels all test channels (automatic control to specified temperature and humidity), 2. Forced termination: Select to end testing on all channels or a desired channel
Data processing Operation status display Test temperature/humidity, remaining number of samples, number of failures, total/section failure rate, test conditions, available disk space, resistance value by test unit/channel, and failure status
Graph display Graph display of test unit units (25 channels) and insulation resistance value per channel
Data display and data conversion Display of failures by test unit units, display of insulation resistance value per channel, text data and secondary data conversion (for data analysis software) function
Data analysis Histogram Histogram of number of failures by test time, X axis: time divided by segment, Y axis: number of failures
Failure rate curve Failure rate graph by test time, X axis: test time, Y axis: failure rate by measurement time
Weibull analysis Weibull plot and parameter estimate calculation of m, η, γ, MTTF, δ, and median
Failure data Select by insulation resistance limit 1, insulation resistance limit 2, change value limit, and change rate limit
Data analysis Valid only after test is complete
Sample mounting jig Test substrate mounting type, contact pin type, etc.
Hot chamber High temperature & humidity chamber or hot chamber
Utility requirements (excluding chamber) AC100V 1φ15A、AC200V 1φ30A

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