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Capacitor Temperature Characteristic Evaluation System

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Detailed Specifications
Detailed specifications
Model AMQ-008-C
Measurement items Electrostatic capacity, dielectric loss tangent (tanδ), and impedance (Select 2 for the data to be recorded)
Test mode
  • Temperature characteristic evaluation testing (change with respect to temperature)
  • Frequency characteristic evaluation testing (change with respect to frequency)
  • Humidity characteristic evaluation testing (change with respect to humidity with constant temperature)
  • Constant operation testing (change with respect to test time)
  • Temperature and humidity characteristic evaluation testing (change with respect to temperature and humidity)
Channel configuration Standard 8 channels, maximum 64 channels expandable in 8 channel increments
Measurement control Measurement method: Alternating current 4-terminal measurement (measuring cable tip)
Measurement range:
  • Measurement frequency: 20 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Dielectric loss tangent (tanδ): 0.0001 to 10.0000
  • Electrostatic capacity: Depends on impedance measurement range
  • Impedance: 10 mΩ to 100 MΩ
Measurement instrument LCR meter (with E4980A 4m compensation option)
Measurement range Select from AUTO, 1Ω, 10Ω, 100Ω, 300Ω, 1kΩ, 3kΩ, 10kΩ, 30kΩ, or 100kΩ
DC bias 0 V, 1.5 V, 2.0 V (optional max. 40 V)
Measurement interval: Min. 1 min. to 1500 min. (Variable in 1 min. increments)
Temperature steps Select from mode that specifies 20-step start/end temperature and step interval and mode for entering desired temperature
Frequency steps 20 steps (desired value can be set)
Compensation Short compensation, open compensation
Standard environmental test system control
  • Enables control of temperature and humidity of standard environmental test system with RS-485 function and loading of temperature and humidity data synced with measurement.
Measuring cable Teflon coaxial cable 4 m (characteristic impedance 50 Ω, 95 PF/m)
Utility Requirements 100 V AC power supply, single phase 15 A
  • Relay unit
  • Jig (chip type, lead type, direct mount type)
  • LAN supported software
  • Insulation resistance measurement function
  • Sampling evaluation software