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In pursuit of reliability
Equipped with a measuring instrument and micro resistance meter traceable by international standards, this system pursues reliability of measurement data. It also provides a calibration service to maintain the accuracy and meet your needs. (Complies with ISO/IEC 17025)

Photo: Conductor Resistance Evaluation System (AMR)

Direct and alternating electric current measurement systems
Choose from a direct electric current (AMR-UD) or alternating electric current (AMR-UA) system for measuring micro currents applied to the specimen during conductor resistance measurement.

Photo: Direct and alternating electric current measurement systems

Relay unit
Installation of a relay unit enables easy connection of the measurement cable.
Link with an environmental test chamber to perform monitoring, manage test schedules, and issue alarm warnings.
Choose from absolute value or rate of change determination for fault determination
Remote operation of test data (optional)
Use LAN application software to check the test status and data processing from a remote location.
Edit and view real-time data with special statistical processing software