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240-channel evaluation testing in 1 cabinet
Each DUT board has 5 sockets, and each oven can accommodate 8 DUT boards. Each socket can accommodate up to 2 DUTs to enable testing of 2 samples. Perform evaluation testing of up to 80 DUTs in 1 oven.
Photo: 240-channel type
240-channel type
High-precision oven with a high temperature of 400°C
The oven can reach a testing temperature of 400°C, and it features outstanding precision with a distribution of ±2.5°C at 350°C. Mount up to 3 ovens in each cabinet to enable evaluation under different temperature conditions for each oven.
Wide current stress application up to 200 mA
Apply a stress current from 0.1 mA to 200 mA.
The socket accepts both 28-pin 600-mil and 300-mil.
Newly developed highly reliable board
The double contact configuration (patent pending) enables the connectors between the DUT board and sockets to be firmly fixed, and the unique ESPEC design ensures a solid connection of the DUTs and sockets.
The new configuration enables long-term evaluation under high temperatures and ensures high reliability.

Photo: Newly developed highly reliable board

Pin assignment scramble function
The pin assignment scramble function of the ESPEC DUT board enables evaluation even for DUTs with different pin assignments.

Photo: Pin assignment scramble function