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VAC series

Uncompromising energy-saving mechanisms
Max. 40% of energy savings can be achieved through various structure improvements: superior insulation materials' use, enhanced door lock, etc. for better insulation and air-tightness.
Flexible programming of the operation mode
A wide variety of programs can be designed by combining constant and programmed temperature operations with one of the 5 pressure operation modes (Automated operation, continuous operation, open to atmosphere, gas exchange, and ventilation operation) Up to 40 patterns can be set, with 99 steps per pattern programmable.
Double-layered interior construction
The interior of the vacuum chamber is equipped of a double structure. A heater surrounding the internal chamber allows great uniformity performance by minimizing heat loss.
Revamp high-speed processing controller
User-friendly configuration allows easy operation of the different commands. Bright touch panel with speedy information processing.
Register test patterns
Up to 40 patterns for program operation and 3 patterns for constant operation can be registered.
Broad range of options
Over 20 options available to best suit your application.
Expert Mode (Option)
Control of the pressure increase / decrease can be achieved in 6 stages; an operation is memorized when performed the first time and can be called up to accurately repeat the process.
Viewing window (Option)
Slightly curved viewing window, eliminating any exterior reflection.
Figure: Power consumption comparison of vacuum pumps under automated operation mode
Figure: Double-layered construction of the test area
Photo: P-Instrumentation
Photo: Pressure operation (Expert Mode)
Pressure operation (Expert Mode)
Photo: Viewing window
Viewing window

LCV series

Direct heating system for fast vacuum-dry
In addit ion to the ga s exchange function, it can treat specimens in oxygen-free atmospheres using nitrogen or other gases, and supports baking, degassing, hardening, deaeration and numerous other applications.
Easy operation
Temperature setting and upper/lower temperature limit alarm setting can be done with simple key operation.
Photo: Direct heating system for fast vacuum-dry
Graph: Temperature heat-up time (Example)
* Measurement results above are shown as an example.

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