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Viewing window is optional.

SH/SU -222/245/242-5: 200/220/230V are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

* Applied to SH/SU-262/642/662

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Features
High temperature range up to +180°C
Optimization of the chamber top space
Space has been freed on the top of the chamber for storing cables, manuals and notes, or to keep an instrument device closely connected. Viewing window can be equipped on the top.
Variation of accessories to optimize the installation
Wide variety of optional, caster-equipped stands to choose from. Dolly-type, high or low stands that can be combined or stacked to fit your chambers in narrow spaces.
19-inch rack and water supply/ drain port can be set to meet specific requirements.
Multilingual controller display
User-friendly color display available in English, Chinese (simplified/ traditional), Korean, and Japanese.
Copy your test programs, exoprt data by USB flash device
Without the need of a PC, copy and transfer your test profiles from one chamber to another. You can also export temperature and humidity data from the chamber for editing on your PC.
Remote monitoring and operation from a browser
Thanks to our web application, remotely access your chamber to monitor and control it, from a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone.
You can edit program patterns, start or stop the chamber, or set an email alert to be sent to a registered PC to notify testing completion.
Available in 3 different heights, with a total of 9 variations. Mid and high stands come with a shelf, option box or a 19-inch rack. You can also select a mid stand with built-in 18-liter water tank to supply water for extended duration of humidity testing.
Photo: Roof top viewing window (option)
Roof top viewing window (option)
N instrumentation
Photo: N instrumentation
Figure: Program copy and computer editing
Photo: Hand-in port
Hand-in port
Example of stacked chambers
(H and C stands)
Photo: Example of stacked chambers (H and C stands)