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Web Integrated Network System ESPEC OnlineCore

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Photo: ESPEC OnlineCore / Model: PCS-ES

ESPEC OnlineCore

The centralized control system,
which is recommended for multiple test chamber user.

You can easily observe the operational status of environmental test chambers by connecting to an existing intranet. With this function, you can also connect to various surrounding devices like network cameras and test devices, and also to test chambers of other manufacturers.

Centralized control monitor Schedule management
Peripheral device monitor *1 Test pre-completion notification
Multi connection to several test chambers *2 Multi-language support

*1 See the next page for applicable models.

*2 For more detailed information for cooperativity or connectivity or setting up the centralized monitoring system, please contact ESPEC.

Monitor screen
Monitor screen
Schedule screen
Schedule screen

ESPEC OnlineConverter / Model: PN5-CN

Photo: ESPEC OnlineConverter

An adopter for test chambers
which do not support Ethernet connection.

Using this adapter, you can connect to the LAN Network only by connecting it to the RS-485 port. You can check the operational status of several test equipment remotely on the Web browser.

Remote monitoring Alarm notification mail
Program pattern editing Data logging & automated transfer
Remote control Multi-language support

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