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Industrial Ovens Large Volume Temperature Chamber

  • Overview of Equipment
  • Features
Large-capacity oven for large-volume heat treatment
This oven, intended for mass heat treatment in a production line, offers access to the entire front area of the oven, specifically an area of 1.5 (W) × 1.5 (H) m (Type 3) or 1.8 (W) × 1.5 (H) m (Type 4), when the door is opened, which allows the entry of large carts (optional).
Equipped with a damper that performs circulation and ventilation
The oven features a function that can, by means of a damper, switch between the two modes of operation—forced circulation and ventilation—according to your heat treatment needs. Additionally, by using the automatic damper (optional), operation can be automatically switched between circulation and ventilation at designated times or when the inside reaches a set temperature.
Circulator with improved temperature distribution performance
Two propeller fans are vertically aligned on the side of the interior for even circulation of heated air inside the oven. This feature enhances the oven's temperature distribution performance.
Wind velocity control function to adjust to the heat treatment environment for the specimen (optional)
The wind velocity control function caters to the prevention of specimen spattering or the heat treatment of specimens that require lower wind speed.
User-friendly Instrumentation
Instrumentation features programmed operation with operational settings such as constant mode and automatic start/stop. Suitable for heat treatment, drying, and similar production-line applications.
Photo: Industrial Ovens Large Volume Temperature Chamber
Photo: Instrumentation

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