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Environmentally-Friendly Processes

Environmentally-Friendly Initiatives in Business Activities

Initiatives in Services

● Product Collection

We have been approved for the wide-area certification system by the Minister of the Environment and are operating a product recycling service. After entering into an Industrial Waste Entrustment Agreement with the customer, we collect environmental test chambers made by us but no longer used by the customer for a fee, and recycle it. We thus reduce the burden of the disposal procedure on the customer, and properly recycle the waste. In FY2016, we collected 154 products no longer used.

● Fluorocarbon Collection

Since FY1995, we have collected fluorocarbons when performing repairs and disposal operations. Based on the CFC Emissions Control Law, we are registered as a Type 1 CFC collecting business at municipalities throughout the country. The collected refrigerant fluorocarbons are rendered harmless through high-temperature plasma destruction at fluorocarbon destruction facilities. The recovered quantity amounts to approximately 56 tons (cumulative as of March 2017).

■ Collected quantity of fluorocarbon

Graph: Collected quantity of fluorocarbon

Initiatives in Logistics

● Initiatives in Material Procurement

In collaboration with our suppliers, we are promoting the use of returnable containers to reduce packing and cushioning materials associated with the delivery of materials and parts. Moreover, we were able to reduce the amount of plastic waste by taking measures to reuse cushioning materials and other materials within the company.

● Initiatives in Product Transportation

We are beginning a modal shift (utilization of rail transportation) in order to prevent global warming. Starting from Osaka, we are switching from trucking to freight for long-distance transportation to destinations such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kyushu, and Tokyo. With the cooperation of each concerned supplier, we were able to achieve a CO2 reduction effect of approximately 32 tons in FY2016.

Initiatives at Business Offices

● Achieving Zero Emissions

We are aiming at achieving zero emissions (recycling rate of 99% or higher) at each business office. In FY2013, all our business offices achieved this objective. We will continue to maintain zero-emission status.

* Fiscal 2017 will be the preparation period for the three Group companies.

● Reduction of Office Paper Use

We are working to reduce paper use at our business offices in order to protect valuable forest resources. We have digitized (CD/DVD) product instruction manuals and have drastically reduced the use of paper. Since FY2013, we have been promoting the standardization of custom products in order to reduce the use of drafting paper. As a result, we used 6.1 million sheets of paper in FY2016.

■ Purchase Volume of Office Paper

Graph: Purchase Volume of Office Paper

● Reduction in Gasoline Consumption for Company-Owned Vehicles

CO2 emissions associated with the use of company-owned vehicles account for approximately 9% of the total of our emissions. In FY2016, business performance improved satisfactorily, and sales activities grew vigorous. However, because of the use of public transportation, the switch to fuel-efficient vehicles, and the promotion of eco-driving, gasoline consumption could be reduced to 323 kl, or as much as the previous year.