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Digital Consumer Electronics DVD/HDD/Storage

Current status of the market

The competition becomes intense caused by high-performance and low price products. It is the same situation in new generation media such as HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs. The application of HDD widespereads to in-vehicle usage and the market demands are increasing.

ESPEC's solution

ESPEC provides temperature and humidity chamber which can be used for HDD unit inspection and screening. For evaluation purposes, we provides temperature and humidity chamber and thermal shock chamber for operating test and measurement system for electro migration evaluation.

Application and ESPEC products

Application Usage ESPEC Products
Production Dry, Save, Aging, Anneal
Inspection Screening of HDD unit
Aging of HDD unit
Aging of HDD complete product
Evaluation Operating test in the range of
HDD assured operating ranges
Electro migration evaluation
TDDB evaluation
Insulation resistance evaluation
Conductor resistance evaluation

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