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Current status of the market

The high-mix low volume production is increasing due to increase of production of system LSI. The production and evaluation within a short period of time is necessary to start up production system vertically and evaluate the endurance for increase of flash memories.
This market is increasingly growing because computer or communication technologies are included in various living related products.

ESPEC's solution

ESPEC provides equipment for wafer level inspection, inspection after packaging and dry processing. There are also thermal shock chmabers and measurement system for connectivity evaluation, and compact type products responding to type and quantity changes.

Application and ESPEC products

Application Usage ESPEC Products
Production Dry after dyeing wash
Dehumidification of package
Fixing chip and lead frame
Dry, Save, Aging, Anneal
Evaluation Fine wire such as system LSI evaluation
Connectivity evaluation between device and PCB
Insulation resistance evaluation
Conductor resistance evaluation
Electro migration evaluation

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