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Temperature (Humidity) & Vibration Combined Environmental Test Chamber

Precise environment reproduction for thorough testing

This chamber Series reproduces combinations of mechanical stress such as vibration or shocks with environmental stress such as temperature and humidity.
These conditions are particularly needed for test of aircraft and automotive parts, but also precision instruments, and to a great extent electronics parts in general.

Modular equipment structure

Chambers equipped with many features to answer to major requirements: rail to move the chamber back and forth, coupling shaft diameter selection.

Optimized visual inspection

The viewing window is larger than the previous model, to ease inspection of the specimen during test. A heater inside the door prevents dew appearance.

Model Temperature & humidity range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
PVL-3KP -70 to +100°C [+150°C] (-94 to +212°F [302°F] / 20 to 98%rh W600H850D600 / W1840H1910D1173
PVL-5KP W1000xH1000xD1000/ W2520xH2060xD1368
PVS-3KP -40 to +100°C [+150°C] (-40 to +212°F [302°F] / 20 to 98%rh W600H850D600 / W1840H1910D1173
PVS-5KP W1000xH1000xD1000/ W2520xH2060xD1368
PVU-3KP[H] -40 to +100°C [+150°C] (-40 to +212°F [302°F] W600H850D600 / W1840H1910D1173
PVU-5KP[H] W1000H1000D1000 / W2520H2060D1368
PVG-3KP[H] -70 to +100°C [+150°C] (-94 to +212°F [302°F] W600H850D600 / W1840H1910D1173
PVG-5KP[H] W1000H1000D1000 / W2520H2060D1368

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