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Guarantee of ±1°C/±5% RH accuracy

The temperature and humidity difference in the test chamber is the temperature and humidity maximum and minimum range, and an accuracy of ±2°C/±5% RH is guaranteed for all models. In addition, it clears the severe storage conditions* of ±1°C/±5% RH.

* Storage conditions based on Notification No. 43 of Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, 1991 are 40°C ±1°C/75% RH ±5% RH

Photo: CWH-40A
Area temperature and humidity control
This equipment utilizes area temperature and humidity control. By controlling the temperature difference settings effected by test area size and ambient temperature, an accurate temperature and humidity distribution within the test area is achieved.
Uses two refrigeration circuits for a stable and reliable operation
This equipment uses two standalone refrigeration circuits to maintain operation even if one circuit should happen to malfunction. In addition, alternating refrigeration circuits can prolong their operation. This provides a secure system prepared for risk.
Photo: Two refrigeration circuits
Two refrigeration circuits
Door lock
Enables security control to prevent the loss of the specimen.
Photo: Door lock
Door lock
E-mail notification
In the event a chamber alarm occurs, the alarm details can be sent to an e-mail address accessible by computer or mobile device.