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Superior temperature and humidity distribution, fully supports demanding criteria

±1°C/±5%rh guaranteed
Supports severe storage conditions of ±1°C/±5%rh (CSH-HG, CWH)
Virtual Air Jacket System
A newly developed Virtual Air Jacket system makes it possible to maintain uniform temperature and humidity distribution within the chamber.
Air blown from below circulates along the chamber walls for stable airflow that is not effected by specimen volume and etc.
Storage conditions stipulated by ICH guidelines are maintained, regardless of the position in which specimen are located (within effective dimensions). (CSH)
Smooth specimen access (CSH)
Sliding shelves are used to allow easy access to specimens. Shelves can be pulled out to one-half of their depth. When heavy specimens such as liquids are placed on the shelves, a fall-prevention mechanism keeps them from being pulled out when slid forward.
(Equally distributed load per shelf is 30 kg)
Figure: Air flow (Virtual Air Jacket)

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